VITA benefits for the learner

• Integration of existing digital content such as PDFs, e-learning, games, graphics. Use of 2D and 3D real-time visualization technology

• Extensive methods for determining performance through playful tests

• Interactions instead of linear knowledge provision. Learning diary: Documentation of learning progress on a timeline with your own sketches, notes, photos, videos

• Process tasks and submit them digitally

• Strengthening intrinsic motivation through quests and playful learning solutions

• Definition of quality gates to secure transfers and better preparation for classroom training

• Use of gamification to visualize success (scores, collectibles, badges, teams, leaderboards).


VITA benefits for the teachers

• Feedback channel for the trainer: tasks and communication channel with the learner

• Extensive training cockpit allows the learner to be looked after individually by the teachers

• Learning data evaluation

• Creation of playful learning tasks through extensive editors, incentives through freely definable values

• Compilation of training groups and organization of competitions

• Multiplayer gaming as a break in the classroom

• 3D visualization technology

• Visual setting adapted to the learning content and the application environment